Why should I invest?

5 reason why one should invest...
1) Have An Intentional Life
If you don’t start living intentionally and if you don't have a clear perspective about money when you’re young, it’s easy to get trapped into living beyond your means and buying anything and everything you can, no plan means no perspective, no goal, and no money. Everyone needs to understand their financial situation in order to decide how much to spend, how much to save and how much to invest. Be intentional and focused about your priorities. As one woman explained: “I wish someone had told me to start saving when I was 25 years old when I first started drawing a full-time pay cheque. I spent everything on clothes, entertainment and restaurants — what a waste. The sooner you start saving and investing, the sooner you can buy something substantial.”

2) Become financially independent
It isn’t wise to rely on others for your welfare,  a financial burden on others is not the type of person you want to become. It makes sense to build your own nest egg while you can and take care of your own financial health. As one woman in Israel said: “I like to mentor younger women and I explain why it is so important for them to have their own job. Don’t rely on other people. No one! You need to build yourself up while you can. It doesn’t matter what you do for work, you should be able to control your life and take care of yourself.”

3) Attain your goals
Whether you dream about buying a new house, new car or saving for the trip of a lifetime, this is your motivation to invest, Think of your family and the ones you care about most. Lots of people aren’t driven by a need to simply make money for the sake of making money. Investing feels a lot more rewarding when you have a personal goal in mind, and you can make things happen above and beyond what is available to you with a single pay cheque.

4) Support personal causes
Do you believe strongly in certain companies or do you have some concerns? That could be another reason for you to invest. Just think, the company Apple would not be where it is today if it were not for an investor that believed in that company. You could be investing in the next ground breaking company or business which could change the world.

5) Avoid missed opportunities
If you think about it, the act of “not investing” is already a risk to your capital. Not giving yourself the opportunity to grow your wealth is almost certainly as risky as being in the market, and is more risky over longer time horizons. There were 9 people that were invited to a business opportunity by Mark Zuckerberg CEO and Founder of Facebook. only 2 people showed up, those 2 people are now billionairs.

6) To Pay Off Estate Taxes
Estate taxes can be steep, so having insurance in place to pay them is essential to avoid jeopardizing assets or funds built for retirement. Use of insurance for this purpose is most common in large estates, and uses permanent (rather than term) insurance to ensure that coverage remains until the end of life.

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