Frequently asked questions (FAQ)

Insurance does not need to be complicated. See below the most frequently asked questions answered in a simple way.
What is meant by the regular driver?

The regular driver is the person who drives the vehicle most often in any given period. Insurers need to know who this is as the insurance premiums are based that person’s risk profile e.g. if your 18 year old child drives the car most of the time but the insurer was informed that you are the regular driver, the incorrect premium is calculated and because you supplied them with incorrect information regarding the regular driver and you paid the incorrect premium, chances are that any claims could be rejected based on premium prejudice.

t’s always best to make sure that your policy reflects the correct information so that there is no confusion or unnecessary delays during claims stage and if you’re not sure, please contact your broker.

Do I need to list the names of everyone who’ll be driving the vehicle?
If someone other than the regular driver drives the vehicle and gets into an accident, is there an additional excess?
Can someone who only has a learner’s license be noted as the regular driver?
What is an excess?

An excess is the amount you pay for towards a claimable event. Insurers sue this to keep your premiums as low as possible and it reduces the amount of claims an insured submits. You can increase your premiums and therefore lower your excess or vice versa.

Why do premiums increase, even if my value decreases?
How do I determine the value of my household contents?
Why do I need to take my vehicle for inspection?


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